DG Grammar School

Why DGGS ?

DGGS is the leading character building institute in Dera Ghazi Khan. An atmosphere where you’ll feel change , best for your kids. DGGS is not just name of a school it mean a nursery of leaders. As you know that children need love, especially when they do not deserve it, so we are promoting education with a most developed and groomed teachers team for converting this mission in to reality.

Children are one third of our population and all of our future, we as a team of DGGS have taken this responsibility to bring these kids into a bright future society. Lets join us for this vision.

Children with special education needs

During their school life, some children may have special education needs because of a learning difficulty or a disability. Support can be given by the teachers in your child’s school, with assistance from outside professionals where appropriate. All schools must provide for children with special educational needs.

Islamic Education

We believe that:

  • Islamic education instills in a child the foundations of islam.
  • Islamic education educates the child with the right knowledge of Islam.
  • Islamic education keeps Islam in the life of the child

So for that we are trying our best to move with the basic Islamic education with updates of science and technology.